Next Steps

Phase 2B of this study was initiated in the spring of 2011.  This will include the preparation of an EA Study and Screening Report as follows:

  • An EA Study, in accordance with the Study Design Report developed in Phase 2A.  This includes documentation of existing conditions; preliminary design drawings; scoping of issues and parameters; detailed evaluation criteria; results of evaluation of alternatives; identification of mitigation measures and enhancement opportunities; environmental management plans; property requirements; cost estimates; results of consultations with stakeholders including the public; and recommended Project corridor including implementation strategy.  This will be prepared at the completion of the Phase 2B study.
  • A Screening Report: The Screening Report is the decision document of the expert and regulatory federal departments respecting their joint position on the significance of potential adverse environmental effects with mitigation. Generally, the Screening Report presents a summary of the major issues addressed in the environmental assessment and may reject, modify or add to the mitigation measures recommended by the consultant following its completion of the environmental assessment.  This will be prepared at the completion of the Phase 2B study.

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